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Gambling is a terrible practice in every society. It brings more harm than good. It comes with a string of effects that does not only affect the gambler but an average of ten other people. Some of the common demerits of gambling are divorce, suicide, bankruptcy, incarceration, theft, etc. Even if these people are given a chance to recover from the damages they caused, they will never be able to undo the harm done. Think of the marriage that went down the drain; the years wasted in prison for stealing, the money that was wasted instead of being invested in other beneficial projects.

Experts have always expressed their concern over the common trend of internet gambling. Many organizations have demanded an explicit moratorium on the gambling sessions that have now expanded their wings and people can gamble online. Online gambling is more available than ever, and this means more families and individuals will go down.

The cost that the community has to pay is untold. There is increased crime, lost jobs, financial hardships, and lower standards of living by the children from broken families. The cost of gambling outweighs its benefits in the ratio of three to one. Internet gambling is far much worse than offline gambling. Online gamblers gamble three to four times more than offline gamblers.

Gambling falls under the category of regressive tax. This mean that the poor receive a heavy impact and money is diverted away from local businesses hence displacing prevailing sales tax revenue while breeding societal ills.

This is why we have raised up to save people from this menace. Online gambling vendors have to put into consideration the interests of communities and families that stand a risk of permanent breakdown. People may think that their families are safe from gambling. However, this is not the case; gambling is available to anyone with access to a computer. The main target is the poor, young and elderly people. Online gambling has taken gambling too far. It has crossed the line of responsible gambling by bringing the program right into our homes.

We are a non-profit organization with an aim of restoring ban to every online gambling site and application, not only in the United States but globally. If you have been affected by this cruel business, you have a chance to protect others and also get a restoration. Join us to stop this menace, before it is out of control. Do not let destructive gambling ruin your life and that of your loved ones! Awareness is our best weapon in this great war.

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